Anna's Empties #1

Hello! Today I am going to show you a few empty products which I have accumulated over the last few months. There aren't too many, but I decided that sooner or later I needed to get rid of the packaging! So here we go..

The first few things are some body butters. At the top is The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter, and below an Almond and a Mango Boots Extracts body butter. These are all only small 50ml tubs, so I get through them pretty quickly. I would definitely say that these products are comparable; they all smell lovely, are really thick and leave your skin feeling very soft. Considering the price, the Boots ones probably have the upper hand. It is £2.50 more per 100ml at The Body Shop and for me, I would lean towards the cheaper option. However, in The Body Shop they have a wider variety of scents and they are a classic!

The next product is something which I was very sad to use up and it's Soap and Glory's Breakfast Scrub. Not only does it smell delicious (I was tempted to taste it), it actually does exfoliate really, really well. As I mentioned in a previous favourites post, I have bumpy upper arms and this along with the body butters above have helped with that alot. I certainly want to repurchase this product, and will as soon as I finish some other scrubs I already have.

This travel size TRESemme Heat Defence spray was well-loved too. Lots of people really like this product and I am one of them. It comes out in a fine mist and it smells lovely too, which is always a plus. I think this is just a staple product and I will repurchase the regular size when I need it!

Next are the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Nose Strips. I am a sucker for things like this; you can see immediate results. However, I wasn't most impressed with these specific strips. I found that a lot of my clogged pores weren't cleared after using this, and they didn't stick very well in places. I do want to try other brands of nose strips though, and hopefully they will be more successful.

This is quite a boring one but I thought I'd show it anyway. I finished the Sally Hansen Moisturising Polish Remover for dry, brittle nails. There isn't really much to say about this other than that it did the job well. It is also affordable which is a must for me when it comes to buying basics. I wouldn't necessarily say it was moisturising, but then again I didn't pay much attention to that aspect.

Mascara is generally the makeup product which gets used up quickest. I finished the Mac Boldblack Lash mascara quite a while ago and am saving the packaging for Back to Mac. My sister bought this for me as a present, and was told that this was the most defining of the MAC mascaras. I would agree in saying that is gives a lot of definition which I really liked. It also gives nice length, but not a lot of volume. Overall I did really like this mascara and am glad I got the chance to try it, but I wouldn't rush out and buy it when there are cheaper alternatives in Boots or Superdrug.

This mascara is the L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes in Waterproof. Although I used this until it dried out, I don't think that I would repurchase it. Firstly, the fact that I bought the waterproof version was a mistake because I have realised how hard it is to remove. Also the mascara itself just didn't really do it for me, and at £10.99 I just don't think it is worth it. Saying that, it wasn't the worst mascara in the world, just not the best.

As you can tell this blush from Elf has been used loads. The colour is Tickled Pink; a sheer, peachy pink with a slight sheen. This was actually passed on to my sister, but before that I had used quite a bit. I think that this is really nice everyday colour to wear and for only £3.75 it is a bargain. The colour can be layered for a stronger look if that's what you want. I also like the packaging (suspiciously similar to Nars); it is durable and practical as it has a little mirror. I would recommend this blush if you are making an order on Elf!:)

The final product is one of my favourites, the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. Mine is in the colour Peach Glow, but the colour doesn't show a lot on the skin. As you can see from the picture, I have a little bit of this left but I thought it could be included anyway. I have already bought another of these (this time in Transparent) so I am ready for when this one is completely out. I just find that it makes your skin matte for a long time, and doesn't make you look cakey at all. Also, it is really cheap so definitely worth a try!

So that's everything that I've finished recently and what I thought about them. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it maybe gave you some help in buying or not buying specific items. If you like this kind of post please let us know by commenting or contacting us; we'd love to hear from you!
Anna xoxo

Celebrity Looks For Less #2

Hello!! I know I haven't posted in a while and I'm sincerely sorry about that, so I thought I'd do another of the 'Celebrity Looks for Less' posts for you. Last time I did a look from each of the Jenner sisters, this time I have three different looks from Miley Cyrus..

It's obvious to see that Miley's style has changed A LOT over the years, so I have got three outfits from three different stages in her 'style evolution' here we go!!

This first look is from before she had cut all that hair off and is a very boho-chic look, great for the colder (typical British) weather.

So first off, we have the main pieces of the outfit; Some blue turn up skinny jeans, £22.99, and a light green roll sleeve t-shirt, £4.99, both from New Look. With a cable knit cardigan, £20, from Boohoo.

Along with the main pieces, these accessories really make this outfit. The brown knitted snood, at £5, from New Look, gives a great layering effect to the outfit, along with the long feathered necklace, for £10, from ASOS. Finally for this outfit, we have some brown strap zip up boots, for £29.99, from New Look.

This second look is very summery and relaxed, perfect for the supposed summer holidays. 

First, these white crochet lace high-waisted shorts from ASOS, at £35, go great with this black cropped cami, £15, from Topshop, that gives a combination that has, although black and white, a very summery look and feel to it.

The accessories to this outfit make it more exciting and really brightens it up. A combination of a cut out circle necklace, £8.50, and mini charm necklace, £7.50, along with some black 60's oval sunglasses, at £16, all from Topshop. Finished off with some comfortable, black crochet sandals, from New Look, at just £17.99.

Finally, this is a more recent look of Miley's, as you can see from her very short, blonde hair! It's a very rock'n'roll-chic look, great for a night out!!

This red bandeau jumpsuit from Boohoo, is a bargain at only £15, paired with the faux leather studded biker jacket, on sale for £35 at Topshop. So, together, most likely much cheaper than Miley's version.

Very simple accessories to go with this outfit, just some plain black court heels, from New Look for £19.99 and some black button stud earrings from River Island for £5, just to give it a little extra black to match the jacket.

Hope you found this post both entertaining and helpful. If you want me to find a high-street version of a specific celebrity look just comment or contact us and either of us will be happy to do so!

Olivia xoxox

Anna's Current Favourites!

Hello everybody, neither one of us has posted since April, and that is because we have been doing our GCSEs. However now we've both completely finished our exams, so we can get back into blogging and we can't wait! To begin our comeback, I am going to tell you about a few things which I have been recently enjoying...


The first favourite has been featured in a post before, and is the Topshop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels. I have been going for minimal makeup in general so having this coral colour on the cheeks just adds a bit of something or other. I just get a bit on my hand then use the Expert Face Brush to apply it. 

The next is an eyeshadow combination. I have been using the Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadow in On and On Bronze, with the gold/champagne colour from my Sleek Storm Palette over the top (second from left on the top row). I tried this because Essie Button suggested using a gold eyeshadow over the Maybelline one and I really liked the results. Both these products are great on their own too, and I would definitely recommend both!


For nail polish I have been loving Essie Fiji with Barry M Pink Silver Glitter over the top. I have loved the Barry M one over loads of polishes, but Fiji in particular. I think this is the perfect combo for summer as the white-pink makes your nails look really polished and sleek. 100% one to try!


Along with every man and his dog, I have been loving the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I mainly use this with the blush I mentioned earlier, but also for foundation or powder. The dense bristles make for perfect, no-streak application and I love it! I am so happy I bought it and look forward to getting more from the range. They are very reasonably priced, but on Amazon they are sometimes on sale! So keep an eye out.

So that's all of my current favourites! I hope you enjoyed, and Olivia and I can't wait to be posting more frequently. We have a few ideas lined up, but if you have any requests or just fancy a chat, comment below or contact us. Thank you!

Anna xoxo

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